All lending will be subject to:

  • An independent valuation by a member of the RICS local to the property to be used as security.
  • Sign-off by NRF’s credit committee, and NRF’s and the borrowers’ lawyers agreeing our standard contract.


  • Nashes Rural 33 Ltd will hold a first fixed charge over the property provided as security.


The borrower pays from the funds borrowed when the funds are drawn down.

  • NRF’s lending fee of 1.5% of funds lent
  • NRF’s or a brokers arrangement fee of 1.5% of funds lent

The borrower pays in advance of any work being undertake, the agreed fees for:

  • The valuation
  • Their lawyers / solicitors
  • NRF’s lawyers.

Rural loans & lending options for a wide range of situations.

We understand that rural businesses require unique financial solutions tailored to their specific needs. That’s why we offer a range of lending products designed to support farmers and other rural businesses.