Nashes Rural Finance Limited (NRF) is a privately-owned, independent company that has been set up specifically to provide appropriate finance to suitable borrowers in the rural and farming community. It is not a bank.

The company was founded – and is run by – a small group of individuals who have provided the initial finance for NRF out of their own personal resources. This team comprises senior professionals who have a proven track record of establishing and managing successful businesses.

Part of that experience has included lending to SMEs in the wider corporate sector. And, as borrowers themselves at various times, the team understands just how difficult it can be to secure the right sort of finance from one of the major banks – one of the main reasons why NRF will not seek to compete directly with the lending giants.

Rather, we take the time and trouble to understand borrowers’ unique situations; we visit potential borrowers and walk the land that is to provide security for any subsequent loan.

Our approach is based on an honest assessment of Risk v Reward; ultimately every lender, however large, has to balance these two factors. We will judge for ourselves whether the risk is commensurate with reward on a case-by-case basis – not as dictated by a computer algorithm and applied by someone sitting at a desk. We will also aim to make the lending process as easy as possible for all concerned.